Am I Expected to Remember CSS Properties on my First Run?

I am almost done with the Responsive Web Design Certification section of the curriculum. However, I am struggling to remember all of the CSS properties that I am taught in the course. Am I expected to remember these properties in order to become a better front end dev?

Also, is there any properties that I should know by heart to be considered competent in CSS?


It’s very natural to not remember things that you’ve been taught in the course since there are many and it’s possibly your first time learning them. Of course you aren’t expected to remember all the properties to become a better front end dev but it would be good to remember basic concepts that they are trying to teach so whenever you want to to do something similar in the future, you know where to refer to.

Properties that helped out the most for me was learning:

positions: relative, absolute, fixed
making images responsive.

Happy coding :slight_smile:

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When you first start coding you are not required to memorizing the code even after you’ve been a master it all comes down to documentation and research but its definitely a good idea to have some knowledge of what you are doing.

1 piece of advice I can offer about FCC as well as any coding camp/ practice. When you are implementing the different skills you are taught. Don’t be afraid to play around with them a little bit. I find that it is easiest to learn, when I can see what is happening as I make changes. When you come across something new, throw a border around it, add extra padding, try changing the color using RGB then hexadecimal, add opacity to it, etc. the markup is just like any other language in the sense that repetition and understanding what each piece means is how you will learn it.

Good luck to you and your coding adventure.

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