Am i illegible for certificate?

in the javascript algorithm and data structure projescts, i have struggled in the half of projects what i do when i can’t solve a project by my self is to go to hints and try do it with hints and if i can’t i see solution and understand why it’s work and what everything is doing and after that close the hints page and do it by myself and the code i wrote is like the solutions in the hints i can’t figure any else solution is that ok

I mean technically you’re eligible for the certificate. The certificate is what you make it because it isn’t something that will get you a job, the projects and knowledge you can showcase as a result of the certificate is what will get you credibility.

I’d say go ahead and get the certificate if you’re willing to move on but if you’re having trouble understanding the fundamentals it might be worthwhile to revisit some of the building blocks of the language.

Remember that coding builds on previous knowledge. If you don’t have strong building blocks you’re bound to get lost fast.