Am i investing too much time or doing it wrong?

So,I have all these tutorials whether its freecodecamp or code with harry or any others and they do seem very promising to learn almost having most of the content required but in some corner of my mind i also want to get by some books(tbh i have never read a textbook once in my life most of my studying up till now ,all i did was watch some yt lectures make notes revise and solve problems and done and it did me well in terms of my grades and all) the basic thing here is i don’t know how to read one or how to extract information from that and the tutorials simultaneously ,so, that gets to the title of tis topic am i investing to much time or doing it wrong?

Maybe you can clarify on your post because I am not sure what you are really asking. You mention you want to use textbooks, but you have been watching youtube videos which have helped your grades.

You havent mentioned anything about how much time you have invested so I cant stay if you have actually invested too much time, and then also I am not sure I can answer “am I doing it wrong?” because your post is not clear on what you are actually doing.

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that grades part was about when i was in high school ,and i haven’t invested any time but i am afraid to do so as i haven’t read any textbook since high school and managing a book and tutorial vid lectures simultaneously is a little confusing to me so that’s why, i want some advice?

Why would you use a textbook and a tutorial simultaneously?

If you mean for the purposes of having deeper look into a concept or tool while doing the tutorial, all of that is documented online. You don’t need a textbook for that.

This is how I started.

I’d watch tutorials and had some books from my local library.
I found they could be useful, but were not enough on their own.

When I first began learning I thought the only way I could learn, was in a school environment.
But had heard ppl can get trapped in perpetual bootcamps, similar to how they get trapped in tutorial hell.

When you first start learning, it feels like you haven’t learnt ANYTHING, and that feeling sticks around for a while.
If I had been in a boot camp, I’d probably have felt I was improving.
But its possible when I wanted to work on my own original project, I would have felt inadequate.

It seems that this feeling is not something you can avoid.
But you can get past it.

If your in a school environment, everyone else is likely at the same skill level you are. This can be helpful for emotional support, collaboration and with a dedicated mentor/teacher.
Building with people on the same level as you with a mentor pointing you in the right direction, helps with morale.

If you learn outside a school environment.
Its up to you to find the information you need, which creates a necessity a school environment doesn’t.
To learn, you have to search for what you need. Which can be overwhelming, but ultimately worth it.

If you take the self learning path (as I ended up doing), I suggest you start small.
Start with one path/curriculum,
(I started with freeCodeCamp, but also use w3schools and have dabbled in The Odin Project)

Work through the curriculum, but also look for other sources to help you understand what is being introduced. (youtube vids, documentation, even text books can help)

Lastly, try to build.
Its likely you will find this part hard, and will feel you haven’t learnt anything. In truth, this is where you will learn the most.

Building doesn’t “test” your skill, it improves it.

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