Am I job-ready already? Are my priorities correct towards getting my first coding job?


I would love to hear feedback on these 2 things!

Would you be willing to comment on this?

Here are my personal tech development priorities:

Here is my portfolio:

If you are in charge of hiring, please check out my new portfolio links!

Primary Portfolio:

Newest Works Portfolio:

App Development Services:

Web Design Services:

Linked In:

Resume Download:

Jonathan Haber
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Looking good… Just start applying and disregard the HR dept when they has for x a mount of years exp… Apply anyways and good luck!


Thank you for your feedback!

Are you suggesting that after checking out my portfolio, you would suggest that I put applying for jobs at the top of the priority list and make all additional learning projects 2nd priority?

Tell me more about disregarding the HR dept… when they ask for x years of coding experience… is it common to state a requirement that does not truly exist?

Even if that is the case, when I do invest time in learning to code, what of these priorities would you put first?

  • Git and Github
  • Getting existing code up the Standards
  • JS Algorithms (a weak spot)
  • React
  • Node

Specifically, my portfolio web page needs 100 minor adjustments to meet the most strict code standards according to So I imagine this would be important to take care of in order to demonstrate my understanding of best practices.

However, I am also weak at js algorythms and yet at the same time, could be pouring my attention into react and node instead of refining this tool.

Note to readers
A site that contrasts your code against coding standards and coaches you through updating it to various levels of standardization.

Why not do them all in parallel? I don’t think there’s a particular need to learn each one in succession, is there?

Thanks for asking!

Yes, I am passionate about efficiency, and I trust that if I am working on the most important thing first, as much as possible, I will achieve my goal of meaningful work in coding much faster.

Things are changing though, my perspectives specifically, are changing since I wrote that post.

I am feeling deeply nourished hanging at the hot springs studying code and pretty strongly sure that I am going to stay here until I complete the front end, back end, and data visualization certificates.

I got the feedback that I should be applying for jobs and went to a couple of interviews. Mobis had me in and looked over my resume. They wanted me to complete a couple js coding challenges, and I found that I was not sure whether to write code to solve them on my own or reference the most efficient solutions I could find on google, format those solutions to solve the problem and submit that… I did the latter, citing the references, because if I was working at a company thats what my boss would want… the most efficient solution possible. Still wondering if this is frowned upon in the industry.

Another startup interviewed me, but I could not tell if they had the funds to put me to work as a paid team member, so I have not followed up.

Anyways, I really need some perspective on the most relevant things, because getting really good at js algorithms and learning node seem like very different paths, and I would love to do the thing that makes the biggest difference in the industry, simply for the sake of being really efficient at getting at my goals.

Hi there, I think you need to strengthen your JavaScript skills first. All the frameworks, Node.js, Ember, Meteor, Backbone, etc etc, etc. are simply that, Javascript frameworks. If your foundation is bad, your use of the tools will not be efficient.
I like your Excel idea, I think Im going to do something similar! My path is different as I want to focus on Theme and Plugin Development for Wordpress, but its good to put it in writing.

Hope this helps!

I can’t really give feedback as I’m trying to look for inspirations, but your excel sheet with clear goals and purposes for each definitely inspired me. I’m just here to say thank you.

awesome goals sheet :smile:

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Without deciding what you should do in what order. I would like to point out that you could probably learn basic git skills in a couple of hours


I’ll give you my two cents.

Fix the validation errors and learn the basics of working with Git and Github now. That should not take you long at all.

Then keep going, using Git to version control your work. You’ll build up some credibility on Github in the process.

I hear you about wanting to finish all the certifications. That’s what I did and it was fun, if perhaps in retrospect a tad unnecessary. Chances are you will end up in a front end job and will not need Node right away. Your next employer may or may not be using React. I think learning these technologies can still help you get a better idea about Javascript though and they will make your resume stronger.

That said, definitely get a strong foundation in Javascript first. Not just algorithms though. Pick up a few resources to really understand key ideas in Javascript. Asynchronous execution, Closures, Promises, that sort of thing. Javascript has a particular philosophy and I think it’s really important to understand it deeply. It will help you pick up frameworks much faster.

Finally, don’t neglect CSS. It doesn’t feature much in the freeCodeCamp curriculum, so again draw im some other resources. Rebuild some beautiful websites. Learn different layouting techniques. Since most junior positions seem to be on the frontend, CSS is a major part of the puzzle.

I only started applying when I felt I was really ready, but it will depend on your circumstances what works for you. From what you are writing it sounds like you are still making money though so that might work for you if you are having fun right now.

Good luck!

What position are you looking for? Front End Dev? Back End Dev? Full Stack?

There are some things he could learn in parallel, but I would think learn each one in succession is better for those who want to focus. Doing a lot in parallel can lead to one’s procrastination much quicker then become discourage to work. But that depends on each individual’s discipline to getting better.

For @jryanhaber, your portfolio looks great and definitely job-ready. I’m the lead Full Stack Web Developer at my company, I would hire you as Frontend Developer. I have a few suggestions as my personal nitpick. Be care on using progression bars for rating on technical skills, I strongly believe that’s good way setup yourself for failure later. It doesn’t give an accurate impression what you could actually do with those skills. Let your projects demonstrate your skills.
Lastly, line up the bottom of your flexboxes, Attention To Detail.

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I am looking for Front End Dev work primarily, because that is where I am the strongest at present. Thank you for asking!

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I suppose it depends on your learning style. I seem to learn the fastest by focalizing my attention on one area at a time like a laser beam. Tony Robbins teaches that.

It has been a while since I posted this, I have since worked at an agency for a year and was paid very well, and now their project have slowed down and I am looking again for work.