Am I Overly Reliant on Documentation?

Hello, I have been taking quite a few Front-End courses (including Free Code Camp of course) for the past few months. And one thing that always bugs me is that I rarely get anything substantial done without consulting documentation.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have average knowledge and recall of basic HTML and CSS. I also have a thorough understanding of core JavaScript, including its confusing aspects like this-binding and prototype vs [[Prototype]]. However, the moment I have to step beyond these basic aspects, say for example, by using Bootstrap, jQuery or AngularJS, I simply cannot proceed without documentation. I just don’t remember the relevant functions/tags/class-names of such external libraries off the top of my head.

Is this a problem? For example, what if I am interviewed on my knowledge about such libraries? What do I do then? Do I have to systematically memorize them?! That seems like a horrendous task.

Nope, that is ok! There is no way you can know or remember everything, and the more you program, the more you will remember.

So don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:



You are not alone:
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Consensus: it’s totally normal, you’re not doing anything wrong, keep on trucking


Thank you guys/gals for all the comforting assurance. Learning how to code and apply it for real can really be a frustrating experience. You all make it bearable :cry:.