Am i Progressing too Quick?

Hi Campers,

Im new to FCC by just over a week & I’m enjoying learning HTML & CSS so far.
My main concern is i feel as if I’m progressing through the individual challenges quite easily (for a beginner at least) but when it comes to me returning & continuing the next day i seem to have trouble remembering most of the things i picked up the previous day.
Is this normal??.. am i progressing through these challenges too quickly? Should i be taking notes as i move forward?

Currently when I’m stuck i just search back through the curriculum to re-check the challenges that hold the lessons on the things I’m stuck on so i never really seen the point in taking notes.

Is the curriculum just familiarising me with elements, structure & the use of CSS in these early stages? & can i expect to see a change further on where it makes me imprint the lessons onto my brain before progressing?

As i mentioned, i am enjoying it but it feels like it jumps from lesson to lesson so quickly that i’m not remembering what i’m learning.

Maybe i’m a slow learner?


You’re doing great. I would recommend following some tutorials on the same topic you’re following or the next topic you will take. That will be very helpful.

Just like learning a new language (spanish, english, etc), time is needed for your brain to remember all the syntax and new stuff you’re learning. The good thing is that you will work with many of those things as you progress in the curriculum.

Happy coding!

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Normal? Yes. Are you rushing through them too quickly? Maybe. Pace yourself. When you finish a challenge, try fiddling with the code and seeing what happens. Can you correctly predict the effect of your changes? Every few challenges take a little break. Drink some water. Stretch your legs. Do the dishes.

Going back and revisiting challenges is good. You’ll solve a lot of problems as a developer by going “I know I did that before somewhere around…here…”

Yes. You need a basic introduction to the pieces before you can start effectively building much with them. Soon you’ll be working on projects and using these lessons (and a fair amount of independent research) to create your own web pages and applications.

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