Am i qualified for a front-end position

I have attained the RWD certificate. How long did it take to get a job and at what role

if you only completed the first certification, it may not be enough for most jobs.
In most cases you need at least a front-end framework (third certification, but you need to complete the JavaScript one to understand many things)

with just html and css you could do email newsletter, and small stuff like that.

Also, just completeing freecodecamp is not enough to shine, you need to show you can be useful. Showcase your best projects (keep practicing and keep doing projects!).

If you want to start applying you can, that is experience too. Remember to always ask for feedback, however the process go.


If you can answer yes to 1 question, then yes your qualified.

Can you build a production grade front-end by yourself in a reasonable time frame?

If you can say yes without any other requirements, questions then yes you are ready. If you have some reservations, then the answer becomes maybe. Depending on your reservations you could be qualified, or not even close. For example if you say “Yes, if I don’t have to use React, or CSS” then yea your not close. Or if your reservations are only “Yes, if the time frame is reasonable” then your probably closer to ready.

Even so, there never is a line that can be crossed to instantly become qualified. Everything is relative to the job at hand, and your own skills. If most jobs your looking at require full stack experience with X, Y and Z, then you probably need to go learn more. If the jobs your looking at are just static web pages and that’s it, then go ahead and apply.

Instead of looking at what you currently have and asking the world, look out into the world at the jobs available and see if your skills lines up. So go checkout some jobs you want to apply for and see what they require and see if what you have is enough. If not, identity your weak points and go out and learn how to fix those weak points.

Good luck!

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