Am I ready for a job? Please review my portfolio

Hello, I’m currently looking for a job after finishing my portfolio and some side projects, I feel ready for an entry position but I would like to hear your opinion of what changes I could make in order to improve my chances.

Thanks in advance.


See my personal suggestions below.

#1) See #6 in the article Common webpage design mistakes for how you are using your header titles.

#2) Also, make sure any project you feature on your portfolio is “fully functional”. For example, the real estate website is almost functional until you try to submit the contact form. When I tried it I get a 405 error message (see below).

Also, on the restaurant website, everything seems to work except that Find a Table button you have. Because the button does not do anything, it feels like an incomplete project. You want to show complete projects.

Another example is the Mario Match Game. There is no into, no instructions, and when you complete the game there is no message like “Congratulations you finished!”. A fully functional game would need more features, plus the option of replaying without having to refresh the browser.

#3) For the Outdoors website, your menu does not seem to work. I click on the hamburger and the menu takes up the entire screen. When I click on a link in the menu, I expect for the menu to shrink back down and for me to be taken directly to that part of the website, but nothing happens except a nice button click animation. Also, all the links on the page just take you back to the top of the page.

#4) I suggest creating subdomains for each project so that everything appears as on your domain instead of github (the host). For example, the restaurant project could be

#5) Also, you should have a link inside each project card which takes you to the project code in a github repository. This will convey you actually do use github and understand how to make updates to a repository.

#6) I am guessing by looking at your contact form code, that anything I submit in the contact form does not go anywhere. You need to learn how to have the contact form send you a message via email. You do not want to miss out on a message from a potential recruiter, because you put a non-functional contact form on your website, but actually display “Your message was sent successfully!” when the Send Message button is clicked.

#7) I would scrap the entire Resources section of your site. It is irrelevant what resources your use to complete your projects. It just feels like “filler” content. If you want to put more useful content, I suggest referencing which technologies you use for each of your projects. This information would go in a project’s card. For example, if you use jQuery or React in a project, you would list those. If you wanted to highlight you uses vanilla JS or a specific Bootstrap library, then you would put that inside the card under a heading like “Technologies Used”.


Thanks for the honest opinion, I would make some of the changes that you suggested. I will add a link to GitHub for each project and add the remaining functionalities to make all the projects “fully functional”.

The Outdoors project is not functional at all, it’s just there to showcase my CSS skills because I built the webpage using only HTML and CSS, but maybe I should remove it.

And yes, you are right about the form, I didn’t find a way to make it functional w/o the need of using a backend technology. Is there any way this can be done using only JS? I definitely want to fix that.

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Why not convert it to a more functional site. The visual effects are great.

Also, I noticed on your linked-in profile you say you have been a Frontend Web Developer (Freelance Self-Employed) for 6 months. What projects have you been paid to create or have you created anything for free for any client? Definitely list those on your portfolio and definitely reference them under that job on your linked-in profile.

Honestly I didn’t think on that but it’s a great idea, thanks!

I have to update the information on my linked-in profile, that information is not true, I used it to override something else, for some reason linked-in was extremely slow when I created my profile and it was very hard to work with.

Wow, your portfolio looks amazing! It sure puts mine to shame anyways. lol. It looks very modern and clean. Plus the responsive design is great on smaller devices.

My only suggestion to make the navbar in a fixed position so it follows the user so they can navigate quickly without having to keep scrolling up and down. I just see it as a user experience issue. But other than that, excellent job!

Wow. Great advice :blush:

I learned a lot :ok_hand:

This delves into some stuff far outside the scope of front end development. Unless you have an “easy” way to do this with tutorials.

This is how I do it though:

  • use FileZilla to upload your static files to a web hosting provider
  • make sure you use the correct hostname, password, username, port, etc.
  • Learn how to use your web hosting providers sub domain feature (click the buttons and menus and stuff to set that up)
  • Point that sub domain to a directory with an index.html file using your web hosting providers menu’s, buttons, options, etc.

It was a very Painful experience for me to figure out how to do all that. Don’t feel bad if you have a hard time.

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great job on the portfolio, i quite liked the natour project. its very well designed. I just wanted to know are these projects for clients or your personal work.

Great job so far. The portfolio looks slick, modern, responsive and professional.

Whether you are ready for a job yet really depends on your local market. But my feeling is that you should push on to the next level and either learn one of the front end frameworks like Angular, Vue or React, or learn some basic backend techniques using Node or PHP.

JQuery is a brilliant library but it has been around for 10 years now and its on the way out. Learning one of the component based frameworks is going to make you much more employable over the next few years. Learning any framework (or Node) will also push your JS skills to the next level.

As a next step however, I strongly recommend you do one of the FCC projects where you need to make a data request to a public API., such as the weather app. Using asynchronous JavaScript to make HTTP requests is absolutely fundamental to web development.


Thanks for the feedback, right now I’m trying to get more comfortable with vanilla JS, I’m currently going through the FFC JS section because I “learned” JS from another source. While I do that I am going to build a few more projects because by building is how I learn best.

After I finish the JS section and hopefully feel very confident with JS, then I will jump into React.

I am trying to apply remotely but as a beginner with no experience that might be harder than I thought. Honestly I’d even work for free for at least 8 weeks, I just want the experience of working in a team and building real projects. As I write this I just had an idea, I should probably add this in a cover letter.

Those are just personal projects to make me look “ready”.

Golden nuggets. Nice job, Randell.

Dude you are ready. I wish i was that ready when i landed job. It would have been much easier to survive first 5-6 months at the job. If you wait for a perfect moment and to be “ready” you will waste good opportunities

Not sure if you can see it on your phone( Im using an iphone’s safari), but on my browser pencil foneticon goes over “Message” text. I’m no good to tell you whether you are ready or not, since I’m learning myself. (This is as much as I can tell with my current experience :slight_smile: )


I noticed the same on my Iphone but I have no idea as how to fix this because when I use the browser and reduce the screen width to match the width of a phone this doesn’t happen.

Absolutely fantastic Gilbert!

One thing i noticed is that your natours project is actualy a website that was built by jonas schmedtmann during his udemy course. Im sure you know how to develop that project but would it be smart to include that project in your personal portfolio?



Your portfolio looks good so far, i will be quite honest and say though, i personally believe that if you are including projects on your portfolio and claiming they are you own, when they arent, put a reference to the resource you used to create the project, i feel like it is a unfair representation of your skill to an employer to show work that they will think YOU created when you didnt.

For example, your dice game project is completely designed by Jonas Schmedtmann, none of your UI has been altered from his Complete Javascript course and the functionality also hasnt changed. i would argue that its important to reference course material you use on projects especially if they arent designed by yourself from scratch, the likely hood is that enployers see these projects over and over so you wont do yourself any favours.


Great Job! Portfolio and the projects as well :+1: