Am I ready to start applying for jobs?

Hey guys,

Sorry for the repost, I originally posted in the wrong forum. But anyways, I’ve been learning front end development for the past year and a half or so. FCC has been a major part in my advancement of my knowledge. Based on my Github and portfolio of projects, do you guys think employers would view me as employable for a junior position?


I’m seeing a 404 not found error on both links you posted.

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so do i (404 error) .-.

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Whoops, sorry guys! I fixed the links for you lol

I say try to do 1 or 2 real websites for a couple charities/businesses/friends/etc. This will help you get used to the workflow of making a site and also it will teach you the hosting side of putting up a live website. I made a site for my cousin’s business and it helped me get an idea of how to work with hosting sites and cPanel and actually put a live site up. It helped me learn a lot.

I say do 1 or 2 real sites and then start applying/studying for interviews.

I also recommend You Don’t Know JS. I’ve been reading it and it’s teaching me a lot about javascript and I think it would be really useful to read before interviewing.

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Just looked at your site on my Iphone. Responsive design looks good. Just a pointer, the pomodoro clock project isn’t centered properly.

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Thanks @Nicknyr! Good call on building a real site. I will look into that.

BTW, when you say my pomodoro clock isn’t centered, do you mean when viewing it in mobile devices?

When viewed on my iPhone the clock is slightly right of center.

Looks good man. Keep up the good job. I like how you made specific paths to your project work rather than just linking to CodePen (I think I may steal that idea from you :wink: ).

Good luck!

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