Am I running too fast with JavaScript?

I started off with going for the Data Visualization curriculum, and although I did manage to get through most of it, mainly the entire D3 section in one day, I notice I keep running into hang-ups with JavaScript.

For some reason, the syntax for JavaScript just seems really confusing, and I keep forgetting how to do things with it.

I assume that this is normal when learning JavaScript for the first time, and I’m only somewhat familiar with it because I went through the Responsive Web Design curriculum from start to finish one time.

I often find myself having to look at examples and hints, but it kind of feels like cheating.

Should I start with JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures to practice the basics of the syntax?

@Maso283 If you haven’t already done the JavaScript algorithms and data structures certificate. It may benefit you just to go through the basic JavaScript section of that certificate where you really get taught syntax and things like that. If you keep going on with the algorithms it is really good practice implementing the syntax into an actual problem. I would say if you really want more practice and help on JS and the syntax, the JS algos and data structure cert would be well worth your time! :smile:

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d3 is a JavaScript library, it’s pretty difficult to learn without knowing JavaScript, and it’s going to get worse

so yes, maybe go through the JavaScript certificate first

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Yeah I’m going to focus on the Python certificate first since I know Python already, then circle back around to the JavaScript one.

I would recommend trying to familiarise your self with the syntax…

You want to get the main parts of JavaScript syntax down as early as possible. This doesn’t mean you need to know everything, but only that you understand how to read most code your running into.

The issue with going further with the language without having a good grasp of the syntax is you end up trying to figure out what the code is doing before even getting to what the program is doing/solving. Its like trying to write poetry without knowing how to write.

The last thing you want to try to learn higher level concepts, while your actually just struggling with the core language. Coding isn’t just knowing the syntax, its also about knowing what it means, and what concepts its portraying. Knowing more of the syntax will only provide a better foundation for reading, writing and most importantly debugging code!


Would you recommend spending more time on basics or doing more basic activities that will strengthen understanding of fundamentals?

It really depends on where your at.

Lets say you try to learn framework X and you find your struggling with its use of Y within a language. In such situations you could focus more on Y, but you wouldn’t of known to focus on Y until you tried to “make the jump” into framework X. Replace X with whatever complex framework/task you want, and Y with whatever issues you run into.

The main idea is to identify your weak with Y and then go out and focus on it rather than continue trying to learn X while your clearly struggling. Its one thing if you have some bugs here and there, its another if your totally confused.

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