Am I the ONLE ONE to create a baby mini cutsie cute LEARNING SCHEDDDD? er LEARNING SYLLABUS?

:wave:t3:, CIAO, ALOHA, HOLA - not to be confused wiiiiith… - HOLLA :call_me_hand:t3: :v:t3: -
First.thingz.first, who dis? who dis? K-I-M-M-I. :notes: :tokyo_tower:
My name is Kimmi, aaaaaand I totez love life. :heart_hands:

AAAAND :drum: :poultry_leg: :roll_of_toilet_paper: (<-- that was the drumrolI)
… I :clap: am :clap: NEW :clap: #YayForNewbz #YASNewbz :mega: :tada:

Okay, so anyways, has anyone ever created liiike… a basic little learning syllabus - errrr - schedule to go off of to hold themselves accountable?

I thought if you have, you could share it here because I think that would be absolutely PERFFF for the newbz, and I, too, of course, willl share what I have created.

But - if not, that’s cool.

Also, RANDOM QUESTION - Where can a Bachelors of Science in Psychology Degree fit into Computer Science &/or Information Systems?

Okie dokie, hokie pokie, I’m outtttchea.
Love alwayz,
Kimmi T. :slight_smile:

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  • do you like solving problems?!
  • do you like taking on challanges?!
  • are you willing to toil over to find and figure out those challenges?!
  • are you willing to ask for help when you need to and have tried all of your options already?!
  • are you willing to ask a better “structured” question?!
  • and more like those :slight_smile:

if answer to those questions are an “astounding yes” then congratulations you will fit in just fine, happy learning :slight_smile:

No, I meant, what kind of jobs do people who have that kind of degree mix usually have??

Thats a question for a very specific person. It can really only be answered by a person in this situation or someone who knows a person with both degrees.

I am confused on what you are trying to achieve here? I am not sure why someone need to share this to see what you created, or what you created has to do with the question here? Have you tried doing a google search to see if something like that is already out there?

Maybe something user-facing. Like UX (user experience), design, or marketing. But I guess specific types of data analysis would apply as well.

There are plenty of, use for, and decisions made based on psychological knowledge of human behavior.

Yes I do. It doesn’t really work for me otherwise.
I have a schedule for just keeping my mind fresh and exploring new things, which means I study everyday for 1 hour something I wouldn’t be typically interested in, like humanities.
Then if I am serious about taking any course, I am creating a schedule so it takes around 4 hours a day. Like, if I want to learn Python for example, I pick up a book, study its chapter structure, and see if I can make a schedule out of that. The same goes for courses online.
So, deadlines and time windows are all working great for me to get me to study.

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