Am I Too Old to Become a Developer - a repository of success stories from people of almost all ages

Hi, everyone.

Since there’s a lot of people in the forum who ask “Am I Too Old to Become a Developer?”, I used that question as the focus of my latest project. Initially, I was thinking of making something similar to Am I a Real Developer?, but decided to make a simple success story repository site.

It’s a simple site. On first load, it loads all success stories in the database and you can click any of the stories to go to the source. And to filter by ages, you can click the drop down to choose the age range.

A “story” is not necessarily a full-blown article or post, as it can be as simple as a comment from anyone who successfully became a developer.

I was somewhat inconsistent on what it means to become a “developer” while collecting the stories; so, you might find that the people who are successful are a mix of those who got a job, developed their own apps and published on the official stores, made their first freelancing client, and some other scenarios.

And right now, there are only about 50 stories or so. I’ll think of adding more when I have the time.

The stack, if you’re interested:

Here’s the live site:

And the github repo: Repo

There’s definitely a lot of issues on usability, features, and bugs that I didn’t catch. Feel free to share your feedback if you find any of those issues.

And yep, it’s too simple right now; I have some ideas on what to add but I figured that I should get feedback first before moving further.

Any feedback (including criticism) is appreciated.

Thanks for reading.