Amazing math and grammar practice

if you guys need good grammar or math practice try IXL they have all grammar and math topics(yes including calculus ) from JK- grade 12. it costs $160 for a whole year or $20 per month , and that is for both math and grammar. it has helped me Immensely over the years, and I would highly suggest that for all of you.

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You can learn and practice calculus for free on Khan Academy.


I use khan academy too but it is mostly for understanding the concepts. IXL is more of practice. I know khan academy has practice but it is limited, which I mean there is only like a dozen practice problems for each topic. IXL has 60+ practice for each topic. still I would highly recommend Khan academy for concepts.

Its for all grades, i remember doing that in like 3rd to 4th grade. It did help, but i would face palm when when your at 99% and you get one question wrong and it sends you all the way back to 90% (9-10 questions)

Decent learning for anyone looking for extra practice.

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Thank you for that information. Do you think it worth it? I use Khan

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It has been recommended by math teachers by so far all my grades, so it doesn’t seem that bad.


@RobertSenior personally I think it is worth it if you are gonna be using it very often; however if you are using it occasionally consider maybe getting the monthly plan only during the months were you are going to be needing it the most

Good information. Many thanks. I will follow your advice.

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