Ambiguous wording in /learn-introductory-javascript-by-building-a-pyramid-generator/step-26

Looking at the first sentence of step 26 of building a pyramid generator in the JS curriculum, I was thinking that it could be misinterpreted as it stands right now as it says: " The let keyword allows a variable to be reassigned." which sounds like it is saying that we can use the keyword ‘let’ to reassign a variable.
It seems a slight rewording would make this sentence clearer. For eg we could say: “Declaring a variable with the let keyword allows it to be reassigned.”


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hi Ilenia!
Would you agree this is an issue to be fixed? I wasn’t 100% decided so that’s why I thought some discussion is warranted here first.

yes, if the wording is unclear, open an issue

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done rewording suggestion for step 26 learn introductory javascript by building a pyramid generator · Issue #54743 · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub