AMD Landing Page Project Review

Hoping to get some feedback on my Landing Page project I recently finished.

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Hello @BrandenEv your page looks very good. There is a good use of the space, is interactive and its colors fit well. I tested in a mobile device also, and the view is OK.
I dont have too much feedback to give, as a factor of improving, you could reduce a little bit the space you use for the promotional video. And add an appropiate image for the models you are “selling” since in real life people tend to be more visual when purchasing.

Hope this helps

You did well on this project and the use of a sticky navigation bar is a very nice touch. Trying adding box-shadow: 2px 2px 5px black; to your nav to see if it adds a nice pop.

I do like the video section and the full screen experience. I would say that the video doesn’t work as well on 4k monitors due to upscaling of the video. Maybe use a media to make the video smaller on bigger screens in order to account for the resolution. It is a great idea and attracts attention to the product very well.

I would also recommend using transition on the navigation bar items and email button in order to make the hover animation smoother. This was done on the pricing option buttons but not on the rest of the page.

Look into using background-attachment: fixed for your main header image (and therefor make it a background image on a container). The header image is taller then my viewport and requires me to scroll to see the entire picture. Attachment would make sure the user could scroll down the webpage whilst still seeing the entire header image at the same time. It can also allow you to overlay text onto the image because it will be a background image. This opens up more design choices and ideas.

On my tribute page ( I used a example of this in order to make a big 4k image fit within the users viewport. The trade off is that if you resize my page, you may notice that the image may become cut off in some places. This could be fixed by changing the size of the background image using media (if needed).

Add the following code to make your navigation bar smoother:

:root{scroll-behavior: smooth}

Overall, this webpage was very nice and I applaud you for well organized code. The CSS is easy to read and understand. It is something I should look into doing myself. All of my recommendations are minor in the grand scheme of your webpage. Keep up the good work!

Fixed the issues you described and it definitely was an improvement.

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