Amelia Earhart Tribute Page

Here’s my tribute page. It’s a bit simple compared to all the great ones I’ve seen here; nevertheless, here it is: Amelia Earhart

I like the way you kept the palette consistent with the colours in the image.

One thing to consider: I have a slowish internet connection and that image took quite a while to load for me. You might want to consider resizing so that it’s the smallest acceptable file size for you across the devices you want to support.

It’s not a huge issue for a one off, but it’s worth being aware of as you make more image intensive sites.

Like the page :smile:

Just one small comment. you hyperlink stretches across the space between “history” and “by”. You may want to include the space after the tag. something like this:

......History by...

Other than that, love the simplicity of the site!

looks good :thumbsup: