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I’m trying to make the project pass all the tests, but all fail, except the first one: ‘I can provide my own project, not the example URL’

I’m trying to make tests pass one by one, starting from the easiest one and then moving to the harder parts. I wrote the solution for the test called: ‘If text is empty, return { error: ‘No text to translate’ }’
It works perfect locally, it works on, but whenever I copy the repl link to fcc, the test fails… I’ve tried writing different versions handling empty text error and all of them fail. Guess it’s fcc issue… I’ve passed all previous tasks without major issues, this is the first one. Any help is appreciated, I’ve been struggling with it for 3 days already…
UPD: posted this issue on general forum, one forum member tried to pass the test using my repl code and failed as well. Guess it’s something fcc test system related. I’d be more than grateful if you can help me get rid off this issue…

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