Amount of Detail on Projects

Hi there, I’m trying to hone my web development skills on this website, and I’ve gotten to the point where you use what you’ve learnt to complete projects.

I was just wondering on the amount of detail that should put in. Right now, I’m fulfilling the bare minimum to complete the tests as well as consolidating a specific part of knowledge that I’ve learnt.

I’ll most likely update most of my projects later on, but I was just wondering if my approach to these projects are what was intended by the creators.

Here is my first project: - I focused mainly on using CSS grid as that was a whole new topic for me, it’s not much, but it helped me understand how some of the CSS grid properties worked.

Thank you!

Welcome, bombearo.

The amount of detail you put in is entirely up to you. The user stories are there to give you a structure to follow, hopefully getting you to practice most of what you have learnt, whilst also teaching you a little bit about how to structure a type of webpage.

That being said, we are always so delighted when users go the extra mile to research added features, and put the time and effort into the design/layout.

Personally, I have been going over my earlier pens to touch up on design. Originally, I had done the bare minimum to pass the tests, but, now, find it satisfying to return having learnt so much more.

The way you are going sounds useful. Perhaps, with your next project, you can focus on Flexbox, or Accessibility.

Keep it up.