An alternative to redux

Hello everyone, I’ve recently created a new library for managing state in react called react-stator.

The goal is to have similar functionality as redux but in a much more straight forward way.

I’d be really interested in any feedback any of you might have.

You can view the repo here:

Here’s the link to the project in npm:

Let me know what you think!

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Cool. Only issue is I don’t see any tests. As a client, how do I know it does what it’s supposed to do? This is a good chance to get familiar with a test framework if you have not already. And maybe even something like sinon.js, jenkins, and code coverage reporting as well.

I made an example app in lieu of traditional test cases. Trying that out is how you find out that it does what it’s supposed to do. You could even change it and try using it instead of just looking at a test output saying that my probably flawed unit tests “worked”.

Anyway, being that unit testing is a bit of a holy war topic, I’ll leave it at that. I may add tests in the future if time allows and anyone actually uses this thing.

No Readme, so absolutely no way to tell what it does without attempting to figure it out from the code. What does it do/not do that Redux (or React’s own Context API) does? What is the API?

There’s in the root directory of the repository. You can also see it on the npm page.

I’ll add a readme to the example app root with a link to the main readme.

Sorry bout that!

I’d say that it’s just a simpler way to look at the problem and a simpler api. It does the same stuff

Ah, sorry, I looked at the example first, didn’t see the library!