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The problem is that the instruction tell us to not change the code outside the comments but you have to add some brace “(” and “)” to finish complete the exercise

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const createPerson = (name, age, gender) => **HERE** {
  // Only change code below this line
  return {
    name: name,
    age: age,
    gender: gender
  // Only change code above this line
} **HERE**;
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Challenge: Write Concise Object Literal Declarations Using Object Property Shorthand

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I clicked the “Reset All Code” button to get a fresh start. I did not need to add anything, just removed a few things.

Maybe you can click the “Reset All Code” button and then paste in here what code shows up in the editor.

Hi @lilone3 !
Welcome to the forum!

I am not sure where you need to add parenthesis to pass.

Can you show us where you are adding the parenthesis?

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yes thank you all for your help i know the answer it was just to report the minor detail and now i know where to report this issues!

Thank you, i will go on github for this kind of things now!

I didn’t test this solution but i found the answer by myself thanks again for the tips

no, you don’t need to add (, that’s only in the case of implicit return which is not used here, you can just change the return statement


You don’t need the implicit return from a logical perspective, but the lesson is about shorthand and the examples also use an implicit return.

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Then maybe it would need to be uniformed a bit

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Yeah. It looks like the challenge could be improved with minor changes.

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