An ex call center employee needs some advice

hey I was working in a call center and after 1.8 years I left the job and broke the service agreement because there is no future so I started learning to code
I learned the basics of Html CSS js and basics of react but did not get a job till now
What should I do what should my roadmap look like?

Hi, I think this roadmap is the best:

In your case I would recommend advanced React and JavaScript and then create a project you can show to the employers. Then it depends if you want to get a job as FE developer or BE developer and pick technologies based on your preference.

But speaking about FE development, I sometimes interview candidates who apply for a junior FE role. I always expect them to show me some project and then we go through the code and talk about it. Ideally I expect them to use React (have some state management - hooks, redux,…), some UI library, some 3rd party library and to have some basic tests written. Also we always give the candidates some simple alghoritm challenge to solve (usually palindrom) and want them to explain us how they think.

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Thank you so much for your response!
I will apply what you mentioned

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wish you all the best in your coding journey and I hope you will find a job that you will love.

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