An HTML,CSS Developer... No one wants to hire me!

Hello Folks!

I am working as web developer from India, i have been working on Html,CSS since 2 years. And don’t have much experience in Scripting. I am trying very hard to find a JOB and not able to get it. Since 2 months i have been learning JS very hard. Some of my colleague mocks me down because i do only HTML kinda work and keeps putting pear pressure on me, which demoralizes and becomes difficult to concentrate on work. I have already decided to be a good programmer. Somebody please help me out to get out of this situation. Looking out for good mentor.

Have you ever considerd a career change?

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That doesn’t sound very encouraging @KittyKora. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you are working as a web developer, doesn’t that mean you already have a job @html_guy? The freeCodeCamp Javascript section is a good place to work on those skills. Job hunting is tough, I would suggest to just keep at it and try to get better every day.

Here’s an article from the forum - he applied to 200 places before he got his job.


More like and advice some people can be quite unhappy because, they are stuck in a position for over along time. They no longer can find joy in.
There is nothing wrong with finding a new passion and explore some differend fields as well. I’m not saying give coding up. I’'m saying stay open for new experiance and let yourself be allowed to think further up ahead.
If you still find that disencouraging that be your opinion then :3

Sorry about that @KittyKora. I read it as a little off putting, but maybe it’s just genuine advice. It sounds like he wants to stick with it - I would encourage him to do that.

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It sounds like you’ve already identified what you need to do in order to widen your job market: learn JavaScript. We’ll be here to support you in that effort and no one will mock you for not having learned it before.

@moT01 Yes, i have been continously solving the Javascript section. Thank you for the kind words!

@ArielLeslie Thanks a Ton! This really motivates me! :slight_smile:

@KittyKora I m sticking with WEB only, than to thank u for your opinion!

It sounds like you are receptive and open to learning new concepts, which is the best position you could be in. Keep studying, practicing and adding skills to your resume. JS is tough at first, but you will master it with enough practice.

You’ve already decided to not give up on becoming a good programmer. That’s a huge step! Now it’s time to put in the rest of the footwork.

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Yes ! Putting lot of effort in the footwork.