An HTML game website I built with Phaser 3

Hello. I started to learn coding in January, and quickly decided I wanted to build HTML games with Phaser 3. Since then, I’ve created a website to showcase my games, teach others how to use Phaser, and as a portfolio for the unique mechanics I can offer.

The entire website is created on my smartphone; including the games and artwork. That’s cool and all, but I’m wondering if anyone will really care; especially potential clients or hopefully sponsors. You can check it out here:

The games are called Resist and Cannabijoy. Resist is an endless shooter slingshot game and Cannabijoy is a slingshot puzzle game that’s currently only available on mobile phones.

I recommend to use a smartphone. I’ve tried to accommodate for PC, but everything just works better. So if you decide to check it out, I would greatly appreciate some honest, critical, and even harsh feedback. Of course, if you like it then good feedback is more than welcome lol. Thank you all very much!


I’m not a big cannabis fan but the games look legit :+1:

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Thanks for checking it out! I really appreciate the positive feedback. I’m sure the cannabis leaves are hurting it, but they could just as well be hemp leaves- and everyone likes hemp. I figure my game consists of a boy who uses a slingshot to decapitate his enemies, so the leaf shouldn’t be too big of a deal breaker lol.

Wow, dude! resist is so fun and cool!
I started coding like three years ago and only got to code a really simple game out of html!

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the page is a bit funky when it comes to the css. I suggest you add some animations and more color to it. Also, center the stuff a bit better.

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Thanks for the kind words and feedback! I’m really glad you enjoyed the game. If you don’t mind me asking, did you view it on a PC or a phone?

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I did it on a mac. A problem is too many bodies. maybe make them fade away after a while.

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I’ve been considering removing the bodies, but at the same time I enjoy watching them fly around when he shoots his slingshot. I’ll try it out anyway, and see if I’m still happy with it. If you get a chance, there’s an extra game on the mobile version, as well as a landscape and portrait mode of Resist. I’ve put more time into the mobile version since the game is built on my phone. Plus I have a terrible laptop lol. I’d love to know what you think about it though. Thanks for all the great feedback!

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Hey if you’re interested, I made some changes to Resist and I’ve finally gotten the approval of my wife lol. I also took your advice, and even though the bodies don’t disappear, the enemy doesn’t collide with them anymore. Hope you like it. Thanks for playing and for the feedback!