An introduction and a formal request for buddies to join/help, and advices

Hello, my name is Alexander. I am 31 years of age, currently living in Greece.

At the age of 27 my Autoimmune kicked in, which at the time I had no idea, up until that point I thought of myself as “Normal”. After 4 days of sickness, 4 days in a Diabetic ketoacidosis comma, and 14 days of recuperation, the doctors told me I had Diabetes type 1, with an Insulin dependency for life.
That’s when my working days were over. At the time, I was working in a 2 Michelin restaurant as a manager. Managing the working shifts, from busboys to cooks, taking care of orders and stocks, basically running the restaurant. I was used to working, 12 -14 hour shifts, and being on call 24/7. All my life that was my goal, and all I knew was that. Started as a busboy helper, worked throughout all shifts, waiter, waiter manager, a dishwasher, even a cook helper. In restaurants, hotels, cafés, and education only on that subject. From how to serve, to manners, even how to run a restaurant. Needless to say this type of life, with the self-managing that diabetes calls for, can’t do together.
6 meals fixed per day, Workout, fixed sleep pattern, 4 insulin doses per day, and in general a Discipline level that is too much for someone, not used of it.
After a long fight (unwinnable) of myself with diabetes, the uncontrolled sugar levels and lifestyle, caused me to faint while driving my motorcycle, and crashing (the irony I crashed on a police car) which saved my life (cops can call ambulances so fast).
I lost all mobility and sensations, from the waist and down, for two days, temporary, but enough to scare me straight. Also, where I met my now wife, invasive radiologist, and a doctor in the Hospital.
All in all my change of career came from those, my wife’s work demands frequent change of locations, and also I need a job, that requires me to be remote and mostly in home, so I can monitor myself.
My hobby was computers, I love building and modding them, Cases, hardware even circuits, always had a funny way to de-stress me.
So the current job dream became clear. To be a Web Developer. Working from home, creating and maybe sometime in the future hosting them, effectively, creating a trifecta.
What I love + Remote + Home.
So JourneyTafs, Journey to a Full Stack, was the result.
Currently, diabetes has given a vision and most importantly, discipline, oh my god… Discipline.
At the moment, I am learning how to be a web Developer, using FCC and W3C.
Learning Mathematics, from Khan. Touch Typing from typing.
As for Diabetes, well in check with 6-7 meals per day. Doses Check. Sleep Check.
And 1 years of doing Calisthenics, and parkour for Cardio. (Which also changed my life)
I Also maintain a blog with some articles on web development lessons, currently on a big revision, because I thought it sucked, with all updates on GitHub. Because I am a firm believer of writing across the curriculum, to write what you learned, to learn it better.
Thank you all for reading through all my life ramblings, and I hope it becomes inspirational to some.
I would like to find some buddies on my level to help me, help them on my journey and as well on theirs. Also advise, on how to enrich my journey.
Currently, on 48 lessons of Js here on FCC. And if anyone is interested on my things here are they. All advice and help is more than welcome.
[links removed]
These are to get a look of my works, and achievements, and as a proof of Concept.
My apologies for my English, they are Self taught. :slight_smile:

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You are welcome to share a link to a portfolio/project for feedback. However, we do not allow links to miscellaneous pages, as they can be considered spam . I have edited your post to remove the links.

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My apologies about it, was never my intention for spam.
I don’t think I saw it on the rules. Nonetheless, sometimes not knowing is harmful.
It will not happen again. Now I know.
How can I share a link for a portfolio? How is it supposed to be formatted?
I have only blogger, which I intend to add all my links there.
Could please clarify this to me? Is my blogger page allowed? (That would be my portfolio)

self-promotion is not allowed, if you need feedback on projects or portfolio or curriculum vitae, for example for better chance at getting hired, you can open a topic asking for specific advices carrer related in #career, or for specific projects in #project-feedback

you are free to add your links in your profile


There. Thank you. :slight_smile: