An issue with a Flex Item


I am currently working on my product landing page. I’m not finished styling the page it but I’m having an issue with a flex item. Under the testimonial section, the first testimonial is larger than the others and is not in line with the rest. I’m not sure why this is. I’d love some feedack and perhaps a fix for this issue. Here is the link:
thanks in advance for your help

Check your CSS rule for .testimonial + .testimonial.

By the way, I discovered this by using the dev tools inspector built into the browser. Just hover your mouse over the second or third <li> and you’ll see the margins that are causing this.

I only mention this in case you aren’t using the browser’s dev tools much. I highly recommend you get familiar with all that it offers because it will be your best friend.

Thanks for the assistance @bbsmooth. You’re right I need to use the Dev tools more.