An issue with variable declaration

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Greetings! Isn’t this solution supposed to be accepted, as in some of the previous lessons it was recommended and required to capitalize all const variables?

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const MAGIC = () => {
"use strict";
return new Date();

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Challenge: Use Arrow Functions to Write Concise Anonymous Functions

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It would work in real life, but the challenge instructions tell you to call it ‘magic’ and variables are case sensitive, so it fails this specific test.

Just to add to what Jack said: I do not think I have ever seen a professional piece of code have all caps for a function variable. I would say this is very uncommon.

The convention of capitalising constants comes from C, and you sometimes see it in other languages. True constants are not the same thing as a JS const variable, though.

You can see an example in the JavaScript Math static properties, such as Math.PI. Because the value of PI is truly constant, capitalising it communicates that expectation to the developer.