An old developer


This is something that I always wanted to know.
Can anybody tell me if a person who is in his or her fifties will be able to start as a junior developer?
Have you ever seen this kind of thing happen in real life?
I would appreciate it if you would share your thoughts or whatever you already know about this topic.

Thank you.

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Of course you can! There are many good threads about starting to get into web development at age xx…

You can sort topics categorized by You can do this! section.

Here is an actual thread. Am I crazy trying to learn this at 50?


I guess I finally learned something that I always wanted to know for a long time.
Thank you very much for your quick reply.

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I’ve had four full-time dev jobs, and there was a very non-junior junior frontend dev (heh) in two of those companies (very late 40s for one, early 60s for t’other). Both ex print designers, which helps in transition to FE UI work I guess, but ex-whatever would generally have transferrable experience anyway. Strong domain knowledge is pretty important, because then it’s a case of “how can I translate my deep knowledge of the subject area into this weird highly constrained logic syntax” – it was always pretty easy to help guide them because they always knew what they wanted