An Umbrella of Care to Help a Newbie

Hi there, I’ve just became a freeCodeCamp member 15 mins ago and I’m very passionate to become a part of it’s active and great community. Since I decided to go through all 3000 hours of freeCodeCamp curriculum I’m concerned about it’s sufficiency. Should or can I only be counting on freeCodeCamp curriculum? If not, do you have any additional and effective source to advise me that I can use with my curriculum adventure?

So far, I’m aware of internetingishard for responsive web desing, You Don’t Know JavaScript Yet for JS and I have some nicely done Python courses on my Udemy account, but I’m lack of source on other courses, so If you have any advices or suggestions for me I’m looking forward to hear it.
Thank you

the freecodecamp curriculum should give you the basics after which you can go forward by just consulting the documentation of each language, library or framework

Right, I always say that FCC is a good framing device for your learning. But there will be little side quests a long the way - just try not to let them distract you from your goal. There were a lot of times when I consulted documentation (like MDN) as I was learning, and sometimes just plain googling things. I ended up watching a lot of youtube tutorials (some made by FCC) that helped a lot. But I always tried to get back to my goal of finishing the FCC program.

And I also wouldn’t put too much faith in the “3000 hours” number - that is probably a very high estimate, especially for the early sections.