Anagram using PHP array

Finding the number of anagram words in given string.

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Yes, I am stuck with that anagram words using PHP.

suppose you have string as “mum mmu ppo pop xyz zyx bb bb”;
Need to find the agagram words from the string. so it should give me answer as 3 . Should not consider “bb” as it is same word and not considered as anagram.

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Hi @kishor.koshti here are two ways

  1. easy way would be to use inbuilt functionality already in php, here is a script i wrote for you:
function agram($arr)
    echo "<br/>";
    $count = 0;
    $n = count($arr);
    for ($i = 0; $i < $n - 1; $i++) {
        for ($j = $i + 1; $j < $n; $j++) {
            if (count_chars($arr[$i], 1) == count_chars($arr[$j], 1)) {
                echo $arr[$i] . " " . $i . "i equals j" . $j . " " . $arr[$j] . "<br/>";
            } else {
                echo $arr[$i] . " " . $i . "i does not equal j" . $j . " " . $arr[$j] . "<br/>";

    echo $count;

$str = "mum mmu ppo pop xyz zyx bb bb";
$uniqueArr = array_unique(explode(" ", $str));
  1. Harder way, do not rely on inbuilt functionality of language, use data structure like in this challenge here (Trie):

Hope this helps