Analyzing NodeJS performance - how to optimize code

The JavaScript engine used in Chrome and Node is getting a new major release soon(-ish), and this article gives us a tour of some performance changes. I found it interesting and it’s worth reading so you can, at the very least, discuss how the new engine will affect your app’s performance, but I think it’s important for new programmers to take a look as well. For most people when they start out (myself included), the assumption is that less code means faster code. This isn’t necessarily true, and knowing this will make you a better programmer.

Take a look at the graphs and try to get a feel for what they mean. Don’t worry about understanding every little thing, just focus on the idea that there’s a lot going on under the hood, and your code will benefit much more from knowing how this will affect your performance than it will from writing clever one-liner solutions.

The blog has github links to show you which code they used for their tests.

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