Anchor Elements Question



<a> href= "#footer."" Jump to Bottom </a>

<img src="" alt="A cute orange cat lying on its back.">


<id= "<footer> Copyright Cat Photo App </footer>"

Where did I mess up?

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The syntax for both the link and footer is incorrect. Attributes go on the opening tag of the element.

<a href="#someLink">Some link text</a>

<footer id="someLink">Some footer text</footer>
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  1. Your “href” attribute should be nested into your <a> tag like so:
<a href="#footer"> Jump to Bottom </a>
  1. Make sure your href value is spelled correctly. You had a " . " after #footer

  2. The opening footer tag at the bottom is messed up. It should be formatted like so:

<footer id="footer"> Copyright Cat Photo App </footer>

Generally, elements are made up of 3 parts; the opening tag, the content, and the closing tag in that order. Within the opening tag is where you'll define the id or attributes . For example, if we wanted to add the href attribute to our anchor element we must add it to our opening tag as shown in point number 1.

Hopefully this is able to help you out. I’m still relatively new to this myself so if anyone reading this finds any mistakes please let me know!