Anchor tag causing error for Tech Doc project

I am having an issue where I want to include an anchor tag link in my main-section after the header element but when I do I get an error that the header element isn’t the first element after the section class. When I delete the anchor tag and change nothing else then it works. I can leave it out as it’s just a project but I’d like to understand if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s just the testing program messing up…

My code

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Can’t reproduce the error.

there are some set of rules for completing projects of fcc , you have to follow that for earning certificate . in your own projects you can use whatever you want

This is what I was thinking it was. It felt like it was following the rules correctly but something about the anchor tag in there was throwing off the tester. Oh well. I’ve commented it out and will add it back once I get the project complete. Thank you!

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