Anchor text missing, but I put one in

If you only want the answer and are not interested in learning and understanding the content, then you can put the exact challenge name into Google, find several walkthroughs and solutions, and copy paste the answer. I will not help you avoid engaging with the materiel. That is not learning and is not the purpose of the forum.

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if you don’t understand the example you can find many people willing to explain stuff in many different ways or suggest different material for the topic

Thank you. It would have been nice to have that written clearly somewhere easy to find, though.

the “Get started” button on the homepage brings there

Sometimes there is just one or two little things that are blocking someone.

Sometimes, yes. But handing out answers does not fix the blocking issue. Handing out answers bypasses the blocking issue and delays the misunderstanding so it can become bigger.

Not clearly. I started at the beginning, and the program wouldn’t let me continue. I didn’t know I could back out and go around the specific exercise.

No. For example, If a student does not put a period at the end of a sentence, and all manner of clues, hints, etc. does not get the fact that he needs a period, showing him the period and explaining why is much better than telling him he can search on the internet or keeping trying. Also, you did not respond to my point of an affective barrier.

I don’t know what that is

though I said that you you were missing the > of the opening tag and an opening a tag is made like <a>

it wasn’t letting you continue because you did not complete the challenge

It is the policy not to hand out answers on this forum. Pedagogical research and our years of experience in teaching programming online has shown that giving answers to students makes the students less prepared for independent projects. It is great that you have teaching experience in a different context and understand the best pedagogical tools for your context, but that does not change the policy of not giving out answers here on the forum.

Nobody is going to change minds here, so lets leave the topic of pedagogy alone in this thread.

That 's why I came here.

I tried doing an Internet search, but the “solution” was much more complicated than the problem, with all sorts of additional text.

Also, there is a blue advice box about how to reply , and it mentions “@name references.” What does that mean?

Maybe that’s why so many people drop programming courses. i wonder what your pedogagical research is.

Back to the topic of your code for this challenge.

What is your current code? If you show us your current code, we can help you repair it so that it passes the challenge.

Where does the tag end? I have tried putting the > in various places that looked possible, but I keep getting the error message.

you also were missing the text between the tags

What’s your code now?

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<a href=""  > a="cat photos">


Should I nest the <s?

Ok, you have some differences with the example code

<a href="">this links to</a>
  • The "cat photos" part looks different that the this links to part.

  • The closing tag looks different that the one in the example

For most HTML elements, you have a pair of tags (for more, see this challenge):

<!-- This is an opening tag -->

<!-- This is a closing tag -->

(Self closing tags are different, but not relevant to this issue)

These tags can have attributes (for more see this challenge):

<!-- This is an opening tag -->
<tagname attribute="attribute value">

<!-- This is a closing tag -->

And text inbetween the tags (this is the current challenge):

<!-- This is an opening tag -->
<tagname attribute="attribute value">

<!-- This is some text -->
There is text inbetween the tags

<!-- This is a closing tag -->

In this challenge, you are being asked to use an a, or anchor, tag.
The tag should have the href attribute with the provided url.
The text in between the opening and closing tag should be set to the requested anchor text.

this is an opening a tag:


this is a closing a tag:


you put the attributes in the opening a tag:

<a href="some link">

and some text between the two tags

<a href="some link">some text</a>

the link and text to use are given in the challenge description

also if you really want the solution but I really suggest you try to reach the answer on your own, the video and hint article have it

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Okeh, I didn’t know that the part about linking was part of the code; I thought it was just a comment. So, I have the correct answer now, but I don’t understand where the opening is. Why isn’t it <a=“cat photos” or <a=“cat photos” /a>?