And i'm back... for good?


It’s been almost a bit over a year since I was looking through the forums here, and it’s been a wild ride since. I was active around August/September 2018 (I know, because I had put it on my LinkedIn profile at the time :slight_smile: ). Here are some highlights of the things I’ve done since then.


It happened, 2018 and 2019. In 2018, most of my PRs typos in README’s and such. In 2019, I opened some pull requests which were more code-related.

Received my First Pull Request

While I haven’t contributed that much to open-source code , I’ve opened an open-source project here
. It’s just a list of coding resources, but it’s gotten a fair amount of traction considering it’s less than a month old.

Still Learning

I improved my ReactJS, learned MongoDB and Express, and grew in my design skills. I learned about making discord bots with discord.js, making static blogs with jekyll, and I even built a tiny cms with authentication.


I spent eight months as a moderator on a discord server called Design Course (Coursetro),and wrote about my experience on and on

PS: I also registered my first domain name the other day. It’s, for my personal website and blog. :tada:

Such a nice year. Welcome back.