And my Tribute Page!

Hello Everyone! I’m Nazar . Just finished my tribute page. It was so long, but so exciting, interesting and amazing!
It took about 10 hours of deep and solid work. And I’m really satisfied with my final result.
Thank You FCC for this amazing Camp. And special thanx to campers, helping to me through that exciting work.
God Bless You!!!

Here It Is

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I like it! This is very awesome! better than mine!

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Thank You udayk8139! Really appreciate!

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It is a great work man, congrats with your first project :))

Interesting idea to use images of boxing gloves as dividers :slight_smile: really adds personality. I’d probably add some light background color to blocks with text, just to make it stand out and in the timeline, the white border is too long for the text - you may use there col-md-11 insted of -10.
Considering the code: it’s really a bad practice to use divs ffor everything. HTML has so many tags which are used for specific reason, for ex. insted of loong column of divs for timeline, use < ul >. There’s a blocquote tag, and so on. Read about semantics, and write the good code from the very beginning, because don’t only look at the nice cover, but at the insides too :)) My advice: don’t get rely too much on bootstrap, there are different tendencies going on, and every year it becomes easier to create your own grid, it will be responsible, and handy, sooo who knows how things turn. It’s always better to be able to make dough for cookies on your own, than just rely on your stores frozen supplies :))
Aim high!! And good luck :innocent:

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Great work, Nazar. I can’t give any constructive suggestions regarding the code as benetta did earlier, since my own code is still quite messy. But the overall design and layout looks and flows really nicely. Very good, fun, project. Congrats!

Great job! I like how you have separated the information.

Thanx for advice! But I really cant understand where I’v got to use “div” and where not. I’m gonna work really hard.

Thanx a lot! Willing to do my better/

I think you should check w3schools - it’s a good resource for beginners, and explanations are quite clear. I suppose, when you say that you don’t know when to use divs and when not is because you think about page’s appearance, like - hmm this looks like a block, so it’s div. And the whole idea of html - it to make it fully working and understandable. Try to delete your css code and look at the page with only html. You will see, that dates are not connected with text, that headings are plain text. Css helps you to style your page, but html is the inner meaning - think about people who may have a screen reader - they don’t see your fancy styled letters. And don’t be afraid, that it doesn’t look the way you imagined it - you can style pretty much anything with css, and it’s actually not that difficult as it appears.