And so.. I quit my job

I work at home. Great deal. This means Im either doing 1 of 2 things at my age. Freelancing or customer service. Well you dont really quit freelancing so its definitely not that.

Ive decided that I want to fully commit to this. I have enough saved up to last me 6 months, easy.

My job was not making me happy. Quite the contrary actually. Its a strange thing when your sitting a your table, waiting for a call, not really doing much. Yet the whole thing is just mentally exhausting. I end up leaving work tired and stressed out despite not really doing too much. Very strange indeed.

So… despite the better judgement of those around me. I am now unemployed.

Six months.
A website every 2 weeks, and a map to directly show my progress.
Time for the next great adventure as one might say. :slight_smile:


Since you’ve already quit, I say GO FOR IT! Treat this learning/studying as your new full-time job.

The danger from working at home are the distractions. Netflix, going out, TV, chores, oversleeping, etc. (I know, I’ve been doing this 17+yrs now.)

Have some accountability system. One way to do this is to open up a Github account, and post/commit what you’re currently working on/learning on your Github account. It will be easy to see when you’re slacking off. It’s also a good history of your progress, and your Githubb journey/projects/portfolio will become resume material when you start applying for jobs.

A simple WordPress blog may also be good… write down what you’re currently learning, working on. If you can’t explain it to yourself, then you probably don’t understand it as well. It will also become a good reviewer down the road as you read your old entries.

Good luck!



Go get em! Being your own boss isn’t always as easy as it sounds, as hinted at by @owel.

I wish you the best of luck, it still takes hard work and discipline. If you are a perfectionist, YOU might be the hardest boss you ever wind up working for.

Don’t let that happen either.



I do plan on starting a blog so thats happening. Will look into doing a simple wordpress blog for now until i make my own. Thanks for all the tips guys! :slight_smile:

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A few resources other than free code camp I’ve been using.

If you want to learn HTML and CSS , free code camp is a good start, also check out this book. It’s free. And it really shows you the steps you need to take when it comes to design a website. This is just something that popped out of my head. I wish I used this book at 1st when learning CSS and HTML.

good luck

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at this point its more applying what I know. I want to do as many projects in 6 months as possible.

…I did it almost two years ago, all-in into this investment, sometimes I still shake thinking at it, but I still believe it was the right choice.