And the best weather app ever made is

… probably not mine :slight_smile: , BUT please test it here : weather station app.

Feel free to leave a comment or report a bug (flip cards don’t work on Safari Mobile, maybe a pb of z-index, if someone could help about this, it will be very cool because I didn’t saw the light…).

Please note the following :


  • 7 days weather forecast, detailed views for 3 days
  • Access menu by clicking on the “plus” button
  • Choose between auto or manual localisation, pick any country and city in the world
    • for manual mode, please enter the country or the US state, then the city
  • Auto mode and metrics units enabled by default, uses geolocation to find your place
  • Choose between imperial or international units
  • Click on cards with “plus” to have detailed weather forecast
  • Auto night and day theme


  • Mobile first design, then tablet, then desktop
  • Responsive design in desktop mode
  • Auto-adaptative flip card height, depends on the weather predictions
  • Titles and buttons color depends on the temperature (red for hot, blue for cold)


  • Uses datas from Wunderground api and fonts from the Weather Icons
  • Uses 2 media queries for tablet and desktop design. Mobile design is the default one
  • Uses Javascript matchMedia function to set some interactives dimensions
  • Pure Javascript, no Bootstrap
  • Tested on Firefox and Chrome, both on laptop and mobile (linux and android).


Awesome weather project. I’m not sold on the color scheme (especially pink buttons…) :wink:

It would be nice to allow search for zip code. Also would be nice to see possibly a map pointing to the forecast location, because at least for me it is not my town and I would like to see how close the forecast place is.

And a bug - if you hit the search return button with the fields empty it will give you an alert. Good. But, everytime I close the alert it immediately gives me another one - I don’t even have a chance to enter some data. Please enter a field! Please enter a field! I’m trying SHUT UP! You get the point, it should only alert once when you return bad data.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions (especcialy for zip code) and your bug report, I’ve fixed it, you only have the error message once now (and it’s enough).

Sorry for the color scheme, but if you move to a hoter country , you’ll have another one, it depends on the actual temp. :grin:

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It is the best I’ve seen.
Very cool!

Thanks a lot !
It took me some times, but was a very interesting project.

Wish you to succeed.

Here … some thing I made…