Andre Neagoie - Don't Be A Junior Web Developer

Hi Guys,

I’ve seen a couple of posts regarding Andrei Neagoie’s Udemy course, but little discussion regarding his Hackernoon offerings. These might be helpful to someone/somewhere.

Don’t Be A Junior Developer

2018 Web Developer Roadmap [5 months]

2018 Web Developer Roadmap [5 months] [PDF]


I purchased his two courses.

I have some background in mainframe programming so I’ll let the community know what I think of his courses when I have time. From what I’ve seen him say he seems like the real deal.

Havent tried his “Junior to Senior” course… yet… but first one “Zero to Mastery” is great, so far(node-express).
So, another + for Andrei… Zero to Mastery is right up there with Colts Web Dev Bootcamp course.

His Junior to Senior course is quite good, goes into a LOT of production stuff like Docker and SSH that gets hand-waved in other places.