Andriod App Development

Hi. Where can I learn Andriod App Development for free to create and design apps with programming involved as well?

we have a video about it on the youtube channel - maybe this works for you?


Does it teach me how to design apps like artwork and more?

@ilenia if the course is for doing the design work.

I don’t know, I didn’t look at it. For sure it teaches how to make the app

you can google a bit, there are for sure many app design courses online, maybe take a look yourself

@ilenia thank you so much!

Those are 2 different things that most of the time they are separated. Focus on the basics first and then learn how to design Apps later.

For learning, I’d recommend the channel Coding With Mitch CodingWithMitch

Learning Android:

Design with programming involved, I’d advise building some clone projects

For more in-depth learning about design:

@alexiorodrigues many thanks!

I think this will help you-