Android Code Request Development

I have a popup I want to go away described on a Google forum.. I want to fix this problem but I’m not sure where to start.
My goal is to find the code that is causing the issue and fix the code.
Is there a way to modify the Android operating system to get rid of this popup in this post if I knew where the pop up code was, how to disable it, and how to stabilize the effects?

You would need to be familiar with the Android OS, and know the language it is written in, and know how to change that specific thing…

how much programming have you done up to now?

I have the Web Development certificate.

What programming language in particular?

Honestly, I never researched how the Android OS is developed

You would need much more than just HTML/CSS to be able to fix an issue in an OS

I think finding the code is the issue. I have some Kotlin experience. solution found with Android debugging tool
Disable warning about casting - Android Community is also helpful.