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Hi guys i got this error on android studio “Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Can’t convert value at index 1 to color: type=0x5”

Hi @jimis, welcome back to the forum.
Without your code or more information is a bit difficult to help you properly, but I also need to ask you something.
Have you already looked for information online and tried some of the solutions outlined there?
By googling the error message you posted I got this stackOverflow page as first result which could be related to the problem you are facing.
Also, if you are using the ViewPagerIndicator from Jake Wharton, among the results there was this page:
In there the solution posted (roughtly translated from spanish to english with google translator) is

compile 'com.viewpagerindicator: library: 2.4.1@aar'
compile 'com.github.JakeWharton: ViewPagerIndicator: 2.4.1'
It will work There is a problem with the library.

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