Android soft audio recording

I need an Audio API for android which could be used to record very sensitive sounds like murmurs. I have tried using MediaRecorder library but it records a lot of noise along with the sound and the sensitive noise becomes unintelligible. Is it possible to control gain of the audio received from the mic through any library?

Hello Atul ,

Some phones come a dedicated mic for noise-cancellation, but not sure it would help you since you are kind of trying to find out murmur could be part of the noise itself.

The key is manipulating the noise I believe. You need to have a high-quality murmur sample with your app, and when you record a new audio, try to figure out if you could find such a pattern in recorder audio like in your sample audio.

This is not a 1 hour work I believe, and not all murmurs come like one! Not sure if there is any algorithm like sound signature to help you out about it, but I think you need to manipulate the audio.

Some study about audio formats like wave, mpeg-layer3(mp4), advance-audio-codec(ACC) could help you out to understand the audio files.

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Seems like some more research, I’ll check it out. Thanks!