Angular 2 Markedjs Markdown previewer

Hi I am trying to use marked JS for markdown previewer problem is I dont get #hello as


even though gfm is true

var md = marked.setOptions({
renderer: new marked.Renderer(),
gfm: true,
tables: true,
breaks: true,
pedantic: true,
sanitize: true,
smartLists: true,
smartypants: true,

whats wrong here, Help appreciated

How about using just the gfm option?

gfm: true is the default.

Not sure if one of the other properties messes it up, this worked for me:

  sanitize: true,
  breaks: true

its working but i an getting warning when i am using # hello i tried dom sanitizer but well it doesnt work

What warning do you get? I don’t see anything in my console.

@BenGitter I tried that as well…

@P1xt well this warning doesn’t show up in prod mode , it is only showing up in dev mode so well yeah i guess it will work for now