Angular 8 app component selectors are hiding on app component on change

I am using angular 8 for my project. after editing anything in the app component files(.ts, .css, .html) all the selectors used in the page are set as hidden. only the title showing in the page. while checking in the console, it is showing 2 messages. one was, “[WDS] Disconnected!” in the client.js file and the second was “[WDS] Live Reloading enabled”. I need to re run using the ng serve command each time. Please help me to resolve my issue.

Hello and welcome to the forum :partying_face:!

To help you, first you will need to share some code, otherwise it will be hard. If you could share it using or would be easier to help you :slight_smile:.

Regarding the messages you see, they are completely normal (at least the ones you posted).