Angular browser support

I have an application in angular 7 which runs well in chrome but in Mozilla 52.8.0 some components aren’t working showing too much recursion error. I think it’s due to polyfil.js but changed the ts but unable to resolve the issue. Could any one please address or give solution to this issue.
Thanks shaik

Specifies in the Angular docs that they only support the current version of FF. Polyfill.ts attaches stuff to the browser window object, and this seems to occasionally cause recursion error for very specific stuff (I’m assuming because it conflicts with stuff already defined there that has the same key). You’re using a very old version of FF, so I’m gonna guess you are bang out of luck unless you can determine exactly which method is causing the error. If that fails and it’s critical you support that version, then downgrading Angular to a version that works fine with it would be an option. Otherwise, upgrade FF.