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I want to create a message handler where there is a broadcaster and it will generate random messages on every 5 milisecond. There would be a channel bus which will receive those messages and filter it out to the respective lsitners.

Hello @satyajit. Welcome to FCC.
What you have you done so far? It would be easier to help if you provided the code you have written and state exactly what challenge you are facing.

I am basically a react developer and recently switched my tech to Angular. I just came across the basics of angular. What I need to build actually is message handler. There would be a generator component and receiver component. Generator component can be multiple but receiver would be one only. Treat the generator component as a broadcast component which will generate some random messages with an interval of 0-10 ms. Now there would be a channel bus which will receive all those message. I dont know hoe to do it in angular. I can understand the essence of the requirement. But in angular how to make my first approach to it. I am worried about this. Can you help me. It would be better if we can connect somewhere and discuss

Sorry. I have never written a single line of code in Angular.