Angular $Http and Angular 2 Http

I’m an experienced javascript developer and have been recently working on an Angular 2 project for the first time. Angular 1 was nooo problem for me but I ran into some issues. I started with the basics and have been struggling a bit. The main issue I had trouble with creating custom pipes from scratch and then the problems became more complex.

My struggles led me to research and try to find some resources that could not only solve my problmes but provide some examples.

Here are some of the great sources that helped me understand the core concepts of Angular 2.

If you are dealing with pipes, you may be interested in going through:

However, I found an overall tutorial that was very thorough that covered:

Working with Pipes (formerly known as filters) inAngular 2 as well as

Domain Models and Dependency Injection

Using Angular $Http and Angular 2

I would love to hear how you guys dealt with this and if anyone who has run into similar issues has any more resources.


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