Angular JS to C# WebAPI data passing


I am struck with an issue on friday. I am able to resolve it but don’t know the exact root cause.

I have C# class with ‘id’ as one property.

In AngularJS I have raised http put request to update the class. In request Payload I didn’t see the id property rest all properties are present of the class.
In web API I got id value as null.

When I changed Id property name to GUID it started working and I saw the value of id in the field GUID in request payload and also in the web API code.

Why id property is filtered when passed from client code to webapi?

If that property is filtered what else properties are filtered like this and why?

what is the mechanism of sending http put request to C# web controller.

Please help me to understand this.

In another class I have id property but there requestPayload passing id property I want to understand how the filter done. Please guide in this direction.


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