Angular Material

Can anyone suggest me a source for learning angular .
I’m a slow learner :cry please help me

The official tutorial looks pretty good.


The official docs are not amazing, but they have good Stackblitz examples. Their GitHub issues is also filled with people helping each other. If I remember correctly, they also have a Gitter chat room.

ETA: the comments above are specifically about Angular Material. For Angular itself, the tutorial on the official docs is a good place to start.

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Maximillian Schwarzmuller’s course at Udemy:

250,000 students and rates 4.6 / 5. I haven’t done this course but I’ve taken some of his others and he is the best teacher on Udemy, in my opinion.

Just wait for the $10 deal.


I didn’t go through this course, but other Maximillian’s courses are really helpful and clear.
Recommend it!