Angular - Problems with Flex Layout and node_modules

When I attempted this command:

npm i @angular/flex-layout

it didn’t create the flex-layout folder. On the advice of a forum post, I deleted node_modules and package-lock.json and then I attempted to issue:

npm install

But I can’t find node_modules and my build attempt returns an error 404.

What am I missing here? Thank you for your feedback.

Actually, I am now closer to my real problem. It is not with the command:

npm i @angular/flex-layout

The problem is in my subsequent effort to modify the file src/app/app.module.ts. Here are my additions:

import { FlexLayoutModule } from '@angular/flex-layout'

imports: [..., FlexLayoutModule ],

I modified this file exactly according to the instructions in the book “Angular for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications”. I get the error:

CurrentWeatherComponent.html:9 ERROR NullInjectorError

A Stack Overflow post advises me to check my app module for the following:

import { HttpClientModule, /* other http imports */ } from "@angular/common/http";

    // ...other declarations, providers, entryComponents, etc.
    imports: [

But I had already done this and it doesn’t solve the problem. Can you advise? Thank you.

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